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global talent
is a big

Recruiting global talent is a big adventure

for all parties involved. A global mobility manager puts in time and budget to recruit the best candidate, where the candidate does the utmost to proof to be the best fit for the job and is prepared to relocate. In addition, the spouses and/or family of the assignee are also a stakeholder, as their needs also have to be taken into consideration before and during the relocation

The preliminary phase of search, attract and acquire the right talent is a marathon in itself and when you think you have made it to the finish, it actually just starts. How does an assignee land within the company, will he/she and their spouse or family adapt to life in their new country, is the onboarding process a success, is it a sustainable relocation journey and how do you retain an assignee? In addition to all the requirements for the job, both the assignee and his/her spouse or family has also to integrate on a social level and create a daily routine in The Netherlands.


Social Integration

Would you like to distinguish yourself by offering a soft landing within your relocation package for both assignee and his/her support system: spouse or family? Offer dedicated family or spouse support before and during the relocation. This will contribute to the success of the assignment.

  • A successful partner or family support program helps to improve retention, engagement, satisfaction and productivity of your assignee.
  • Global Mobility Managers can reduce the risk of turnover by supporting social and lifestyle integration in The Netherlands.
  • Corporates have the chance to upgrade their relocation package.
  • Global Mobility Managers can save time by offering external partner and/or family support.
  • Reduce risk of early turnover by putting the family or partners acclimatization of your assignee in focus.
  • Ease the complex task of adapting to live in The Netherlands for both assignee and spouse/ family.

What does
Dutch Uncle offer?

What does Dutch Uncle offer?

Dutch Uncle would like to be your external partner, as our services can be an asset to your relocation package. We offer packages with the following assignee, partner and family support services:

  • Get to know The Netherlands, its culture, rules and regulations.
  • Settling-in support new home and arrange all needed. From utilities to home decoration.
  • Advise on where to source which products, special items, groceries, etc.
  • Discover new neighborhoods.
  • Orientation tours for spouses and families.
  • Lifestyle and personal care plans. Think of GP, dentist, yoga school, hairdresser, physio and massage therapists, etc.)
  • Schooling and education plans.
  • Assistance in day-to-day logistics.
  • Hands-on duties based on a to-do list.

We are more than happy to discuss our solutions and services. Let us be your partner for a professional partner and family support program, within your relocation package.

We looked up some statistics, which could be of interest:

  • The average turnover of C-level within a job is 18 months.
  • Companies lose 25% of all new employees within a year of which a large part due to the fact of cultural differences and/or the spouse or family is not able to adapt.
  • Up to 20% employee turnover happens in the first 45 days.
  • Not having enough socializing opportunities and the lack of a personal support network are top reasons for the unhappiness of international hires; it results in 1/4 returning to their home countries earlier.
  • 69% are more likely to stay with a company for 3 years if they experienced a support structure that helps the adaption process.
  • 54% of companies with a personalized on-boarding program and a relocation package that includes spouse or family reported higher employee engagement.
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