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Concierge &
Lifestyle Service

Time is something we can’t create more of in a day, though Dutch Uncle optimizes your time and designed a list of services to unburden you. No complicated memberships or strings attached, completely hassle free as you pay by service.

Dutch Uncle is also the ‘go to person’ for the day-to-day matters and tasks which require too much from your time. He can book a table at your favorite restaurant, pick up your new outfit, plan your holiday itinerary in detail, take your car for a technical service, arrange a cake for the yearly school bake, shorten your never-ending to-do lists, organize the best location for the closing dinner with that A-list client, fetch those special items and birthday gifts and make sure you don’t miss out on special and unique occasions and experiences.

When he takes away the noise, you will be able to focus on what is important to you. Whatever it is, simply ask, we can assure you Dutch Uncle can arrange it at a flick of a wrist.


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